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Being a paid volunteer for a clinical research study starts with letting us know what types of studies you would be interested in based on your medical history. We can call, email, or send a text message if we start enrolling a study on the conditions you're interested in. Start by completing this form, and we will contact you to get more information in the near future. This will help us pre-qualify you for any upcoming studies.


Robocalls, spam emails, daily newsletters – NOT US. We will not sell or release any information you provide to a third-party.  We barely even send a confirmation that you registered!

Providing a phone number allows us to notify you via text message or calls about upcoming studies.
NO SPAM! We respect your privacy and will only use this to respond to your inquiry and notify you of new studies.
Feel free to tell us more about the conditions which you have an interest in. If you've identified an enrolling study that you'd like to know more about, please let us know that here.
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STAT Research Headquarters

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Phone 937-223-4229
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